A tiny bit about me...

To start, you will that I am very thoughtful, considerate, and even romantic in my outlook, and so I ask that you are equally thoughtful and please read through my entire text to make sure we're on common ground as we begin.

My photos are absolutely accurate, though I’m told I’m far better in person. My frame is classically proportioned, but I’ve got more of a Jayne Mansfield edge than a Marilyn Monroe softness. You will always find me dressed in elegant and beautiful garments, with a risqué slit or neckline. I tend to be coy and playful, and dish out saucy banter by the spoonful. A little mystery never hurt anyone, and I can guarantee you that you’ll love brushing my hair out of my face to get better views of my full lips and bright, intense eyes.

I’m that attractive and mysterious girl at the bar with her nose hidden in a book. You might think i'm preoccupied, but I’m sitting there waiting for you! Sit down and order and drink and we will get our night started!

As an adventure seeker I love exploring the city, hiking, pilates, yoga, kickboxing, theater, movies, the ballet, and comedy shows. I am currently living part time in upstate NY renovating a house and building a small farm. I'm great with my hands and light on my feet LOL! I'm an adventurous eater willing to try almost anything at least once!  I dress appropriate for every occasion and keep myself manicured from head to toe. 


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